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Thursday, July 27, 2006

15 Tips to Live Longer

Why can a man live longer than the others? Is it because that he gets better food supply, better medical care, better hygiene or any number of other factors? It's not totally clear to scientists how they all add up, but it's clear that your lifestyle plays important role on your longevity. Dr. David Fein, medical director at the Princeton Longevity Center, a clinic in Princeton, N.J., said that, "There's a saying that genetics load the gun, but it's the environment that pulls the trigger. You can have the gene for a certain disease, but it doesn't mean you're going to get it."
"Those low on adult conscientiousness died sooner," Friedman concluded. Conscientiousness does not mean looking both ways before crossing the street, it means looking both ways when the light turns green so you don't accidentally run down a slow-moving pedestrian. Beyond that, a conscientious person's long-living qualities probably have to do with the fact that they are predisposed to constructively reacting to emotional and social situations, and are more likely to create work and living environments that promote good health.
Here are the 15 tips for you to live longer:
  • Don't oversleep and don't undersleep
  • Be optimistic
  • Have more sex
  • Get a pet
  • Get a VAP
  • Be rich
  • Stop smoking
  • Chill out
  • Eat your antioxidants
  • Marry well
  • Exercise
  • Laugh a little
  • Lose weight
  • Manage stress
  • Meditate

Elke Von Freudenberg Makeup Tutorials

Celebrity Makeup Artist in Los Angeles and New York, Elke Von Freudenberg got together with Coutorture to create a set of makeup tutorials to help you improve your makeup skills and achieve the perfect look everyday.

Here's the Step 1 - Primer video:

and here are the links to next steps of Elke Von Freudenberg Makeup Tutorials:
Step 2 - Foundation

Step 3 - Concealer

Step 4 - Remove Oil

Step 5 - Powder

Step 6 - Blush

Step 7 - Bronzer

No Sweat Workout

No Sweat WorkoutIt's great when you're able to do exercise without having to leave your seat, isn't it? Woman's Day will show you step-by-step how to trengthen and sculpt your whole body without ever leaving your beach or lawn chair with these easy-does-it moves; in the No-Sweat Workout slideshow.

Actually it's not as easy as you think (and it will actually sweat you also), but the exercise is good to build your chest, abs, arms and legs muscles.

Try it and get the fabulous look at the end of summer!

Dermagenetics DNA UltraCustom Face Cream to Banish Wrinkles FOREVER!!

The Hollywood is going DNA crazy recently. It's the Dermagenetics DNA UltraCustom face cream, the object behind the craze that claims to be able to banish your face wrinkles F-O-R-E-V-E-R! No surgeries, lasers, or any injections needed. It's face cream product that is especially made to suit your skin conditions, based on DNA testing, so, it's unique and personalised.

The DNA testing idea behind the product is that every human has unique DNA and general face creams in the market have wrong ingredient proportions. If the creams we are using on our face are not suited to our genetic requirements, skin is unable to metabolise the ingredients and they are left to build up as unwanted toxins in the skin.

Every Dermagenetics clients are sent a kit, which includes two cotton swabs and a return envelope. Clients are asked to rub the swab along the inner cheek ten to 12 times before leaving it to dry and sending it back to Dermagenetics for testing. From these skin cells, experts measure the client's genetic propensity for collagen breakdown; photo-ageing; wrinkling; skin ageing; their skin's ability to tolerate environmental pollutants and their overall skin health. Then, clients will receive a tailor-made night cream with client's name on it, containing various minerals, enzymes, herbal extracts and acids specifically balanced to suit them within two weeks of taking the test.

The company also have the DNA studies on their record so that follow-up courses of creams can be bought without the need for further tests.

John Souzais, the spokesman for Dermagenetics said,
'Everyone is so used to going after the ingredient of the week, but the problem is they don't know if their skin is capable of metabolising that ingredient. The only way you can know is if you have a genetic test. There are no secret ingredients in our skin-care and, in fact, we basically use the same ingredients as other companies.

'The difference is that we re-proportion the ingredients to precisely suit the individual's requirements.

'Every few months, major cosmetics houses single out a new active ingredient and make it fashionable.

'Most people have no idea what these ingredients even do but they are encouraged to buy them because their favourite movie star looks great in the billboard campaigns.

'We've proved in two different studies that our active ingredients can regulate genetic functioning to give optimal balance to the skin.

'We analyse your genes and find out which ones are disadvantaged and give those genes what they would need to make them function if they were perfect.'
Are you the one who are also following Goldie Hawn, Meg Ryan and Teri Hatcher to in effort of banishing wrinkles? If yes, get ready to spend £135 (about $255) for DNA test and £125 (about $235) for a bottle that lasts six to eight weeks.

Dermagenetics official website:


Pomegranate Juice to Slow Prostate Cancer Progress

pomegranates to slow prostate riskStudy shows that drinking pomegranate juice may benefit men to slow the progress of prostate cancer.
Pomegranates contain a cocktail of chemicals which minimise cell damage, and potentially kill off cancer cells.

The study, by the University of California in Los Angeles, appears in the journal Clinical Cancer Research.

Previous research had indicated that pomegranate juice could have a beneficial effect on prostate cancer in tests on mice.

But the latest study has shown that humans can potentially benefit too.
The presence of prostate cancer cells is monitored by measuring levels of a chemical they produce called prostate-specific antigen (PSA). The average doubling time of the PSA is about 15 months, but in patients who drank pomegranate juice this increased to an average of 54 months. This will help to delay the therapies such as hormone treatment or chemotherapy, both of which bring with them harmful side effects.

Besides the ability to slow prostate cancer progress, pomegranate juice may also protect human body from the damage by particles called free radicals because the anti-inflammatory effects and high levels of anti-oxidants in it.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lose Weight by Eating for Your Blood Type – Fad or Fact?

Several years ago, a very interesting new idea with regard to weight loss became all the rage: eating for your blood type. This concept answered the age-old question of why not all eating plans work for all people. That much seems undeniable - people are very different with regard to the types of food that works for them, as well as the type of exercise program. A weight loss regime that works for one person won't necessarily work for someone else - that much we know.

Some experts started to link this to blood type. There are four main blood types, and according to this way of thinking, each type represents a body type. If you eat the food that is right for your type, you will lose weight effortlessly. Conversely, most weight problems are the result of eating the food that's wrong for your type. As well, there are types of exercise that are suitable for some types and not for others.

Though mainstream science ridiculed this idea, thousands of people followed the eating plan for their blood type and many had excellent results. This is the theory: the different blood types evolved at different times in human history, and even nowadays people with those types have traits that are specific to humans at that stage of evolution. This may sound confusing, but it's clearer with an example: According to this theory, 'o' type blood, because it's the simplest type, evolved first. At that time in human history, people had not yet developed agriculture. They were primarily hunters, and ate meat and greens; they ate no wheat, and no dairy, because those foods developed later on with the advent of farming. Humans at that time in history also exercised vigorously.

So, if you have 'O' type blood, your body is similar to this early human physiology. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates and don't exercise vigorously, you will have weight problems and other health problems, because you are not eating and exercising in the way that is right for your blood type and body type. To lose weight and be healthy, if have 'o' type blood, you have to eat plenty of red meat and vegetables, and very little wheat or dairy. You should also have a strenuous physical activity, like running or weight lifting, that you practice several times a week.

But if you are a type 'A' or 'B', for example, that advice would be all wrong for you. These types developed somewhat later, after agriculture was established, so these individuals can and should eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains. People with 'AB' type blood are lucky; their type evolved last, after humans had incorporated all types of food into their diet. So 'AB's can basically eat anything - within reason - and not gain weight.

Over the past six or seven years, many people have followed this plan and lost a lot of weight. There are a few problems with it, though. First of all, as mentioned before, there is no hard scientific evidence that shows that people with different blood types are physiologically different. It's an appealing idea, but it can't be proven as yet. Also, some of the blood type diets (particularly the diet for type 'O') are very restrictive. In fact, the type 'o' diet is rather like Atkins at its most restrictive, and some nutritionists feel that this might lead to problems with high cholesterol in the long run. On the other hand, proponents of the diet argue that type 'O' people are precisely those who can afford to eat a lot of meat without negatively affecting their cholesterol level. If someone with a different blood type ate in this way, it might be a problem, but not for 'O's'. And it is certainly true that some people develop or don't develop cholesterol problems seemingly regardless to their dietary intake.

If the theory has no basis, though, how would we explain the weight loss that so many people have experienced? It may be simpler than you think, actually. Any one of the four blood type eating plans, if followed correctly, would have you eating healthier, more natural food. Some, like the 'O' diet, are also quite restrictive. It seems likely that these diets make you lose weight in and of themselves, regardless of what blood type you are!