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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dermagenetics DNA UltraCustom Face Cream to Banish Wrinkles FOREVER!!

The Hollywood is going DNA crazy recently. It's the Dermagenetics DNA UltraCustom face cream, the object behind the craze that claims to be able to banish your face wrinkles F-O-R-E-V-E-R! No surgeries, lasers, or any injections needed. It's face cream product that is especially made to suit your skin conditions, based on DNA testing, so, it's unique and personalised.

The DNA testing idea behind the product is that every human has unique DNA and general face creams in the market have wrong ingredient proportions. If the creams we are using on our face are not suited to our genetic requirements, skin is unable to metabolise the ingredients and they are left to build up as unwanted toxins in the skin.

Every Dermagenetics clients are sent a kit, which includes two cotton swabs and a return envelope. Clients are asked to rub the swab along the inner cheek ten to 12 times before leaving it to dry and sending it back to Dermagenetics for testing. From these skin cells, experts measure the client's genetic propensity for collagen breakdown; photo-ageing; wrinkling; skin ageing; their skin's ability to tolerate environmental pollutants and their overall skin health. Then, clients will receive a tailor-made night cream with client's name on it, containing various minerals, enzymes, herbal extracts and acids specifically balanced to suit them within two weeks of taking the test.

The company also have the DNA studies on their record so that follow-up courses of creams can be bought without the need for further tests.

John Souzais, the spokesman for Dermagenetics said,
'Everyone is so used to going after the ingredient of the week, but the problem is they don't know if their skin is capable of metabolising that ingredient. The only way you can know is if you have a genetic test. There are no secret ingredients in our skin-care and, in fact, we basically use the same ingredients as other companies.

'The difference is that we re-proportion the ingredients to precisely suit the individual's requirements.

'Every few months, major cosmetics houses single out a new active ingredient and make it fashionable.

'Most people have no idea what these ingredients even do but they are encouraged to buy them because their favourite movie star looks great in the billboard campaigns.

'We've proved in two different studies that our active ingredients can regulate genetic functioning to give optimal balance to the skin.

'We analyse your genes and find out which ones are disadvantaged and give those genes what they would need to make them function if they were perfect.'
Are you the one who are also following Goldie Hawn, Meg Ryan and Teri Hatcher to in effort of banishing wrinkles? If yes, get ready to spend £135 (about $255) for DNA test and £125 (about $235) for a bottle that lasts six to eight weeks.

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