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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pomegranate Juice to Slow Prostate Cancer Progress

pomegranates to slow prostate riskStudy shows that drinking pomegranate juice may benefit men to slow the progress of prostate cancer.
Pomegranates contain a cocktail of chemicals which minimise cell damage, and potentially kill off cancer cells.

The study, by the University of California in Los Angeles, appears in the journal Clinical Cancer Research.

Previous research had indicated that pomegranate juice could have a beneficial effect on prostate cancer in tests on mice.

But the latest study has shown that humans can potentially benefit too.
The presence of prostate cancer cells is monitored by measuring levels of a chemical they produce called prostate-specific antigen (PSA). The average doubling time of the PSA is about 15 months, but in patients who drank pomegranate juice this increased to an average of 54 months. This will help to delay the therapies such as hormone treatment or chemotherapy, both of which bring with them harmful side effects.

Besides the ability to slow prostate cancer progress, pomegranate juice may also protect human body from the damage by particles called free radicals because the anti-inflammatory effects and high levels of anti-oxidants in it.



At 12:40 PM, Blogger breast said...

since the publishing of this report, pomgrenade has become a sought after fruit in cocktails and food recipes. Pomgrenade is also known to calm upset stomach and intestine and help in diarrhea


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