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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Scientists Discovered a Way to Prevent Cancer Spread

US Scientists have discovered how malignant cancer spread around the body and then prevent the spread. The experiment on mice shows that cancers use bone morrow cells to spread tumors in the body.
Initially, growth factors released by the primary tumour trigger the production of an adhesive protein called fibronectin on the surface of cells at the target site.

Then a second tranche of growth factors is released to encourage bone marrow cells to zero-in on the same site.

Once there, they cluster in groups, forming a support structure which stabilises the malignant cells that arrive later to begin forming a secondary, or metastatic, tumour.

"By blocking bone marrow cells using antibodies, we are capable of preventing tumour cells implanting and thus the spread of cancer."
This experiment brings hope to cancer sufferers. But as this study was carried out in mice, it is necessary to start clinical trials on patients to make sure that the same method also works in human.


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