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Monday, December 05, 2005

How Your Culture Views Dental Hygiene? Why is it Important?

Cry for help: We need to change our priorities It is pretty interesting how rapidly we change our toothpaste, more than we change our cooking oil. It’s all about new and different. Just like clothes and shoes. Whatever is in vogue should be our first priority. Isn’t it? But, how many times do we think that our teeth have a whole lot of a difference in their environment as well as their requirements?

Change is the attitude of the millennium. We want change every time, in everything. Nobody wants to lag behind in this race of being as unique as possible. Yes, we do need change but, in our priorities. It is ridiculous that we never think about changing our eating habits, sleeping habits, talking habits etc.

God has made our teeth to protect us from indigestion and inability to assimilate food properly. But, they also need protection. And believe me, they are the most neglected part of our body in our society. Women spend lot of time and money on improvement of their face, hands and feet. But, it is miserable that they don’t even think about their teeth. Men keep themselves busy all the day with an obsession to earn money. But, they can’t spend few bucks on the health of their teeth.

The famous saying “A penny in time saves nine” comes very true in this case. If we adopt certain small habits, like brushing our teeth using a reliable toothpaste after every meal, avoidance of candies, careful use of chocolates and other sweets, we won’ have to spend our hard earned money on Dental treatments and teeth implants. After all, you can’t stop smiling!!!

by Shariq Ali

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