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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Enlarged Brain a Sign of Autism

Autism is a child developmental disorder that affects the social and communication skills of the child.

Recently, researchers from the University of North Carolina examined brain volume and head circumference in children with and without autism and find a symptoms of autism.
Findings from the study confirm the presence of generalized cerebral cortical gray matter and white matter brain volume enlargement at age 2 in individuals with autism. Researchers say, given the strong relationship between head circumference and brain volume, the onset of this enlargement is likely to be during the postnatal period and may begin as late as the latter part of the first year of life.
Cerebral cortex is the outer layer of brain that is responsible for all forms of conscious experience, including perception, emotion, thought and planning, while gray matter is the darker-colored tissues of the central nervous system; in the brain to identify information processing centers; and the white matter is nerve tissue that is paler in color than gray matter and doesn't contain nerve cells, used to show the connections between processing centers.


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