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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Is It True that Eating Broccoli Can Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer?

Indeed there have been many studies and much research to determine what types of diets can prevent which types of cancers. Some of what you may have heard about which food you eat are merely folklore handed down, while others are actually based on data from actual studies. Eating lots of vegetables seems to lead one to think that there are in fact substantial benefits for all sorts of things to help us remain healthy. Eating fruits, drinking tea, proper intake of vegetables have all been among the things that are often recommended to prevent prostate cancer. It stands to reason that a healthy diet can assist you in reducing the risk of prostate cancer and there is evidence that broccoli indeed may just be one of those vegetables which can help.

One study seems to indicate the fruit intake did not substantially help in reduction of the risk of prostate cancer, but did help in reducing the risks of other cancers. Men who ate vegetables three times a day had a one-third or greater chance of not getting prostate cancer of those that did not have lots of vegetables in their diets.

Which vegetables were considered the best to eat? Well it seems brussel spouts, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli were some of the best and could increase reduced risk by just over 40%. Orange colored vegetables also hit high on the list by other studies; carrots, sweat potatoes, squash and yams. You should be eating a wide range of to reduce your risk of cancer and different fruits and vegetables prevent different types of cancer. If you have some type of cancer which runs in your family, you ought to do a little research of your own and think on this.

by Lance Winslow


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