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Monday, October 31, 2005

Read This Article If You Want To Stop Smoking

One of the worst things you can do to your body is to smoke too much. How much is too much? Well, if you smoke, then you are already smoking too much. It is a disgusting habit and you are well aware how it turns off other around you. You may even be turned off yourself with yellow teeth, bad breath and the smoker’s cough. Quitting smoking or any addiction really is hardly and easy thing to do. I once had a friend and he use to joke as he said he had the record for quitting smoking? I said how so? He told me he quite smoking over 1100 times. I laughed and we both got a chuckle but really it is kind of sad, because he later got lung cancer. Bummer, he was a good man; everyone loved him.

Quitting smoking is easier than quitting drinking although that does not mean it will be easy, it is a very tough thing to do. One of the number one New Year’s Resolution in a recent People’s Magazine Survey was to quit smoking. Of course it was also the number one failed New Years Resolution as well, right up there with losing 15 pounds and then keeping it off. Nicotine has a 3-stangle hold on smokers and it can be overcome, but it will not be easy, because you will have headaches and could get the shakes too. Even after you get over the nicotine habit, then there is the psychological issues such as what to do with your hands all the time. It is said to be a really weird thing to get over. Think on this.

by Lance Winslow


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