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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Diet Tips on Holiday

I love holiday... I am sure you also love holiday. Everybody loves holiday. During the holiday, we may have much more time to share with our family and friends and also have much food around! Ouch, did I say 'much food'? Doesn't it mean that we may mess up our diet? The answer is yes, if you don't know how to cope it. Here are the simple diet tips on holiday:

1. Play with kids.
Kids love to play everytime and everywhere. So why don't you play with them instead of circling the food table with adults to distract you from food? The possiblility of food intake is higher when circling the food table than playing with kids. Moreover, playing may help burning calories, just like doing exercise.

2. Feel difficult to leave the food table while other adults family members are circling it? Why not challenge them to play together, from Scrabble to charades, or do other outdoor activities.

3. Make sure you have low-calorie snacks and foods, such as carrots, sweet peppers, celery or maybe some fruits. Also for beverages, choose diet drinks or just water. But you may still excuse yourself from eating a little portion of those 'rich foods'.

5. Avoid the kitchen. When your family request you to help them in the kitchen, just offer yourself for other duties that don't involve food.

6. If smelling and seeing all the foods become just too much for you, excuse yourself and get out of the house. Take a stroll or go for a drive.


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