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Friday, November 18, 2005

What is TOO extreme for body modification?

So what is extreme body modification, or hardcore body modification? There really is no answer for that, as it's really up to each person. But assuming we're dealing with an average Joe, most people consider hardcore body modification to be lots of facial piercings, tattoos on their heads or faces, and even the new craze of tongue splitting (yes, people split their tongues for complete aesthetic purposes). Now, if you walk to something that's a little bit deeper in the body modification scene, that's nothing! Hardcore body modification to them would be splitting the head of your penis, suspending yourself from a single hook in your chest, or doing what's known as skin peeling (where long strips or shapes of skin are sliced off). If you go even deeper, the more hardcore body modifications would be amputation or nullification (from the removal of part of a finger, to an entire arm). The obvious question that most people would have after reading this is, "Why?" And the answer is simple. It's because they wanted to! That's it! That's the beauty of each and every one of us having our own lives, we get to do what we want with it. For the same reason someone wouldn't get a tattoo, another person would. These are basic civil liberties that every human has been with for thousands of years and will always have. So, the next time you want to know why, think why not! If you want to see photos of people sharing their experience is various hardcore body modifications, head on over to (, and have fun looking through the galleries. And if one day you decide to venture down this road, post a pic of it. We'd all like to see!

by Adam


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