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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Alcohol and Mouth Cancer

Are you a heavy smoker? Are you a heavy drinker? Or maybe you are both heavy smoker and heavy drinker? Then, be aware of mouth cancer, that is led by a lifestyle of heavy drinking and smoking. Current statistic shows that nearly 4,500 people developed mouth cancer in UK and 1,600 people killed by mouth cancer in UK only - a bigger amount than contribution of cervical cancer and testicular cancer put together.

Many people are not aware that alcohol is the second biggest risk factor after tobacco that play important role in causing mouth cancer. Above four small glasses of wine, the risk of mouth cancer will increase linearly with the amount of alcohol consumed.

Recognising the signs of mouth cancer early can help in mouth cancer treatment. Below are the symptoms of mouth cancer for your easy reference:
  • an ulcer or sore in mouth
  • a red or white patch in mouth
  • an unexplained pain in mouth or ear
  • an unexplained lump in neck
  • a sore or painful throat
  • a croaky voice or difficulty swallowing
Prevent yourself from mouth cancer by quitting smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation before it's too late!

Read the story of Jack Wild (53), a one-time child star, who had to lost his voice box because he developed mouth cancer.


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