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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sauna Steam Power The Guide To Relaxation And Building Saunas

If you're serious about relaxation and rejuvenation, then consider the many benefits and advantages of a Sauna. While a hot sauna may seem a cruel punishment to inexperienced bathers, it is actually a very pleasant experience. The Sauna and Steam Bath Guide details the process of steam sauna usage and how you can benefit using more modern but natural methodology.

There is no one right way to take a sauna. Above all, you should be in good company, so that you can enjoy the experience in peace. Beginning users should use the sauna judiciously to start. As long as you feel comfortable, you may stay in the sauna, or repeat a hot-cold cycle as often as you wish. Avoid using a sauna if you have a fever or an inflammatory disease or injury, if you are pregnant, or if you have been drinking. You may want to consult your physician if you have a disease, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or skin disease. Though it's interesting to know that sauna usage doesn't seem to harm billion plus people all across the globe.

To get the most of the sauna, you will need; At least half an hour of time, preferably more, so you have ample time to relax, a large towel to dry yourself, a smaller towel to sit on, a bathrobe to wear while cooling down.

Enjoying a sauna is a personal thing; you should always listen to your body and do as you feel best. You should not remain inside longer than 30 minutes at a time. If there is a pounding or feeling of faintness, the person must leave the heated room and sit quietly. Drinking water with electrolytes would prove helpful also as well as fresh fruit juice.

After cooling down for a few minutes, go into the sauna again and stay a bit longer. When you feel like having another break, feel free to do so.

Finally shower to clean yourself from the sweat. Avoid using soap as soap leaves a film and clogs the pores. Wash off the sweat with a skin brush or loofa. Brush all over, even face and hair. Painful at first, it soon feels wonderful. Brushing enhances the cleansing effect. Shampoo and conditioner contain chemicals toxic to the body so use only if needed.

Allow yourself to cool and dry properly before clothing yourself. This allows time to eliminate dead cells and other debris.

Follow the sauna with a peaceful rest and a drink. Drink mineralized water before and after the sauna. Make sure the bowels move regularly, as sauna therapy will increase elimination.

As you become healthier, you will sweat more easily. Also, to heat up the sauna will take longer. The body dissipates heat more efficiently and fewer cellular toxins are there to be removed. Results are much better when saunas are part of an integrated program. The latest resource is an ebook guide called "The Sauna and Steam Bath Guide", by Sylita Thomas.

The basic goal is to enjoy and relax, and sweat. It's a simple, uncomplicated pleasure, to which nobody is exempt from access. So never mind the mysticism: just remember you've only one duty in the sauna and that's to enjoy it.

by Sylita Thomas


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