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Monday, March 20, 2006

5 Easy Tips to Beat Stress

If you wanna be stress free, try below 5 easy tips to beat stress:

1. Don't Skip Meals - When you're hungry your blood-sugar level drops causing strain on your adrenal glands and nervous system and giving you light headedness, cravings, anxiety and stress.

2. Reduce Your Intake Of Processed Foods - This includes saturated fat, sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol. Processed carbohydrates turn into sugar in your body, which depletes stress-beating B vitamins.

3. Go For A 5 Minute Walk Everyday - Any exercise, especially aerobic, causes your body to produce endorphins which are soothing hormones that calm the nervous system and reduces stress.

4. Relax For 5 Minutes Everyday - Take time out each day to do some yoga or relax. The simple act of relaxing your mind, relaxing your body and concentrating on your breathing can produce a positive mental attitude to help you through a stressful day.

5. Get Enough Sleep And Go To Bed At A Reasonable Hour - Your body needs at least 8 hours sleep. Many of us get less sleep than we need which depletes our adrenal glands. These glands are repaired and restored while we sleep.

Do it! - Give someone you love a big hug to boost your health. It's a significant source of stress relief and comfort.

Ditch it! - The search for a perfect body. Strive for a healthy body that give you energy rather than getting stressed trying to fit into a size 8 bikini.


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