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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Do Celebrities Know Something About Preventing Cancer That You Don't?

Did you know that in industrialized countries, one in four people die of cancer? Did you also know that when we burn petroleum products, like fuel, diesel fuel and paraffin candles, it puts cancer causing toxins in the air? Coincidence?

For years, people have talked about safe replacements for petroleum. Way back in 1900, Dr. Rudolf Diesel demonstrated the first diesel engine that could run on vegetable oil at the World Exhibition in Paris. Of course, it wasn't available to consumers back then.

Thanks to our farmers, today we have a solution to the petroleum problem. Soya Beans and natural vegetable oils are replacing old products that poisoned the air we breathe.

Willie Nelson Runs His Tour Buses On Vegetable Oil! Seriously. It's actually called biodiesel and it's made with soy. It healthier, and smells a little like popcorn. Willie believes in the biodiesel solution so strongly that he owns a Biodiesel Fuel company. He just opened a Biodiesel Gas Station in San Diego last week.

Soy Beans Are Replacing Paraffin Candles, too! Soy beans are also used to produce Soy Wax, a safe, biodegradable, environmentally friendly alternative to using toxin-producing paraffin candles. Paraffin candles put toxins and carcinogens (cancer causing agents) in your home. Soy candles don't.

Alicia Silverstone hadn't burned a candle for six years - until she discovered soy candles. Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Will Smith and Renee Zellweger like them, too.

But beware, not all Soy candles are created equal. You see, pure soy wax is very soft, so some candle makers take a quick shortcut and add paraffin to make the candles harder. Kind of defeats the point, don't you think? But, as long as there is some soy in their candles, they can still call them "soy candles."

100% pure Soy candles burn cleanly and safely. And, because they have a lower melting point, they burn 50% longer... so you get all the pleasures of candles in your home without the toxins and carcinogens.

by Peter G Browne


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