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Monday, February 06, 2006

Vaccinate Your Children – Not!

Yesterday, one of the leading stories on the news was a plea for everyone in the US to have their children vaccinated. This brazen attempt to instill fear, and cause mothers to rush their children out to get flu shots, greatly angered me.

The advocates of the flu vaccine have never proven that anyone is really helped by their products. They have never proven that giving your child a flu shot will prevent or protect them from getting the flu.

It is however a fact that many have died after taking the flu vaccines.

The proponents of vaccinations offer a lot of rhetoric. But their entire philosophy is built on disproven theory.

Remember this; “You cannot be poisoned into health”.

The idea of gaining immunity from the flu virus is appealing and something to be desired. The truth is that it is nothing but wishful thinking. It has no basis in truth.

Yes some people die who get the flu. They die from the treatments for the flu, not the flu itself. The poisons used to fight the flu are what are dangerous. No amount of additional poison, called vaccine, can make you immune from the additional poison given as treatment for flu symptoms.

The flu is a self-limiting healing crisis, instituted by the body, to rid itself of toxic poisons. Any attempt to stop the symptoms is very risky. All the body needs during the flu is rest, temperature maintenance, clean air, and pure water.

If I have a cold or flu, I don’t fight it. I rest, drink enough water to prevent dehydration, stay warm, and wait. In 24 to 72 hours all symptoms are gone. If I do anything else the symptoms can linger on for many days, and often get worse.

I am not prescribing a form of treatment. I am only informing you about the truth. If you believe and make use of this information you are prescribing for your self, which is your right.

Charles Snyder is a health minister and teacher of Natural Hygiene. He ministers to people all over the world, teaching them how to get well and stay well without drugs or surgery.

He has many resources available on his website including the Health Seekers Yearbook by Victoria Bidwell, and the book on Vaccinations by Michael Dye.

Before you consider vaccinating your children or getting vaccinated yourself you should read "Vaccinations" by Michael Dye. This book is a well doccumented, eye opener.

Chuck's Health by Design course is available free on his website.

He is the author of the book Six Months to Live, a fiction adventure story that incorporates what he teaches on health into an exciting story based on real people, set into a fictional setting.

You can contact Chuck through his website.


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