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Friday, February 03, 2006

Living With COPD

A patient diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) usually goes into a state of shock and despair, as the disease has no cure. However, the good news is COPD is not the end of the world. A person can still lead a reasonably happy life after being diagnosed with COPD. All it takes is to be willing to make some sacrifices and adapt to a new lifestyle.

To control COPD, a person has to give up smoking immediately, as it’s the main cause of COPD. There are many methods that help smokers and start a whole new life. If COPD is caused by smoking, smoking cessation is the only way to check the rapid progression of the disease.

Naturally, once a patient is diagnosed with COPD life can be stressful. Stress can raise havoc on a COPD patient, and they need to know how to cope. Learning what causes stress and how to live with it is essential. Joining a support group or speaking to your family and friends is another way of keeping the stress in check.

For a patient affected with COPD, lots of calories are burnt doing simple activities such as breathing. It is important to conserve energy by doing your day-to-day activities smartly to save energy. Planning your work in advance, maintaining an easy schedule and avoiding difficult physical tasks are the keys to conserve energy. Controlled breathing techniques such as pursed-lip and diaphragmatic breathing can also help.

Eating habits will also change. Take a rest before you eat and eat small, nutritious meals at short intervals, instead of three big meals a day. Take your time while eating and breathe evenly while chewing. Exercising regularly, after consulting your doctor, will also help in keeping the COPD in check. If you are traveling, always keep your medicines with you. If you are using equipments like compressors or oxygen therapy cylinders, it is advisable to carry portable devices. If you are traveling long distances, consult your physician and take the necessary precautions.

Remember, COPD is not the end of your life. It’s just a beginning of another life -- life where your activities and tasks may be controlled, but your capacity to enjoy life will remain the same!

by Elizabeth Morgan
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