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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tea Reduces Ovarian Cancer Risk

A report in Dec 12/26 issue of the Archive of Internal Medicine shows the benefit of tea to prevent ovarian cancer risk. It is reported that women who drink at least two cups of tea daily may have their risk of developing ovarian cancer reduced up to almost 50 percent (exactly 46 percent as the result of the study), while women who drink one cup daily, may cut their risk by 24 percent and those who drink less than a cup, only may cut their risk by 18 percent compared to non-tea drinkers.
In their study, Susanna C. Larsson and Alicja Wolk, of the National Institute of Environmental Medicine at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, looked at 61,057 women who were 40 to 76 years old.

The women all participated in a population-based study called the Swedish Mammography Cohort. At the beginning of the study, 68 percent of the participants said they drank tea (mainly black tea) at least once a month. During 15 years of follow-up, 301 women were diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

"We found a lower risk of ovarian cancer associated with greater tea consumption," Larsson said.

Larsson and Wolk found that women who drank at least two cups of tea a day reduced their risk of developing ovarian cancer by 46 percent.

"Each additional cup of tea per day was associated with an 18 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer," the authors reported.
This is a good news for women how they can easily reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by increasing tea consumption.



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