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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Treatment Without Medicine

The life of a man has been a constant struggle against the odds of the nature. Psychological and physical diseases are one of them. Time to time man also found various treatments to combat them.

Psychotherapy is considered a modern method of treating emotional and mental problems. In most of the countries most of the people are still unaware of the modern methods of psychotherapy and they rarely go to a psychotherapist for any treatment.

Basic Tool of Psychotherapy

Verbal communications is the basic tool of psychotherapy, and this tool was widely used even by our saints in ancient times. In spite of having scientific reasons their methods were attached to some miracle powers. In psychotherapy a person discusses his problems with an expert. He is also asked certain questions relating to his circumstances, aims, behaviour and the therapist analyses his life-script. He also tries to understand the structure of his child, parent and adult personalities. Then a wise therapist can devise a powerful verbal communication strategy that is able to start a healing process in the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind of a patient.

Teaching a Person to Live Positively

The most important part of the treatment is channelising the mental energies of a person in a positive way. The repression is automatically lifted-up giving boost to the natural rhythm of our mind. We are in tune to the ways of the God. Meditation, exercise, balanced diet, laughter and sometimes doing the things we like can become the essential ingredients of the verbal tonic, which is to be pumped up into the mind of a patient. He is also generally asked to change his life style. All these things strengthen the immune system of a patient leading him to a better health.

Who Can be Treated

Now, what are the problems or ailments that can be treated with the help of a psychotherapist? Surprisingly these are from simple tension and headache to cancer (many cancers and so many other serious diseases often breed in the negative psychology of a person). Sometimes powers of verbal therapy prove mind-boggling, even much more powerful than the testified medicines.

In Western world the research on psychosomatic diseases is not new. It is considered that about 70 percent diseases are related to the negative psychological build-up of a person. Thus we can firmly hope that psychotherapy is the main solution to the innumerable afflictions surrounding human beings on this earth.

Psychotherapy is a form of counselling and it is time-consuming. But it is a good way to uproot a problem, especially emotional or mental. Ironically people have a penchant for colourful tablets and capsules so they generally visit a psychotherapist only when they have tried all other methods.

The method of verbal therapy is also costly, as you have to manage several sittings with a psychotherapist. In addition, you have to take the treatment for a long time and under his guidance.

Wall of Hesitation

Wall of hesitation is another problem that a man generally faces. In the beginning he is unable to open his heart to a psychotherapist which can be a setback in the way to proper healing process. People find it very difficult to let others see the scars of their mind or heart. I think that despite this drawback a rational psychotherapist is mostly able to give a proper treatment (based on his sound judgement). A lot can be understood and exracted from the behavioural pattern or words framing of a patient.

Popularise Psychotherapy

The need of the hour is to popularise psychotherapy and make it cheaper with the help of government and social welfare organisations. It will reduce the number of doctors as well as hospitals. And the world will become a much better place to live.

by Anandrahi
(Prominent Writer, Editor and Teacher of English language)
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