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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Urinary Tract Infections and Living With Menopause

You think to yourself,"I am now on medication, safe from another Urinary Tract Infection." Wrong!

Urinary Tract Infections:

At age fifty seven,a pattern began for me. A Urinary Tract Infection every two or three months over a period of a year. I was constantly taking an antibiodic. My family doctor never suggested a visit to a specialist.

By now my imagination was working overtime. I had heard all the horror stories from friends and relatives. Urinary Tract Infections can be dangerous if not treated properly. I made an appointment with a wonderful woman Urologist. She put me instantly at ease. After an extensive examination, she relieved my anxiety. No surgery was required, I was happy to hear.


The doctor explained to me that Urinary Tract Infections were common in women who are menopausal. She explained the reasons listed below:

(a) Bad bacteria get trapped in the stomach and colon.
(b) Dry vaginas are common in women. Sex could be painful.

This is the advice the doctor gave me listed below:

(1) Drink at least one 8 oz. glass of Cranberry Juice daily.
(2) Eat one 8 oz. container of yogurt with live cultures daily.
(3) Take vitamin C daily 500-1000 mgs.
(4) Use lubrication for the vagina when needed.
(5) Drink plenty of water daily.

You do not need to experience hot flashes, cold sweats, or mood swings to know you are in menopause. Every woman should visit a Urologist. Urinary Tract infections can be complicated and serious. I was lucky. My Urinary Tract Infections are gone. I hope for good. I have made the items listed above a part of my daily regiment.

by Linda Meckler
Linda was born in Pennsylvania and migrated to California with her family. She would like to see children reading. Her first book was published by Infinity Publishing. "Ghost Kids Trilogy." Three books in one. Adventure/Mystery. For children ages 8-12. The house is over 100 years old. (Book 1)Ghost Kids-Two real children Christy, 12 and her brother Brad, 16 team up with two Ghost Kids. The Ghost Kids want to be reunited with their parents.(Book 2)Blue Vase Mystery- Uncle Charlie the villian of the book is placed in a magical Blue Vase.Uncle Charlie wants out of the vase in exchange he will tell where where Pirates' Treasure is hidden in their house. (Book 3)Take an exciting trip hunting for Pirates' Treasure in the house.Order at The ISBN 0-7414-2273-5. site


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