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Monday, November 28, 2005

How To Achieve A Great Hair Style

Having stylish hair isn't simply about switching styles for whatever is 'in' this season. You need to tread the line between high fashion and fashion that suits you. Truly stylish hair is carefully styled to make the best of you. A little bit of knowledge will make your next trip to the stylists a joy.

To get the hairstyle you're looking for, follow a few helpful pointers:

1. Get to know your face. Scrape back your hair and look in a mirror. There are all sort of face shapes but the main variations are called Long, Heart shaped, Square, Oval and Round. Decide which best describes yours.

2. If you have an oval face, show it off! An oval face is generally egg shaped and balanced on top and bottom. This shape is considered ideal, so have fun with it. Any kind of hairstyle flatters this type of face so you can go ahead and explore different styles.

3. Long faces can be made to appear shorter and more in proportion by a shoulder-length cut. Layers that are long or bangs look good with oval faces. However avoid parting your hair down the center since the emphasizes the long face - side partings work best.

4. If you have an Square face then try to soften the angles with a cut that's 'wavy'. Those with broad foreheads and cheeks and with squarer chins look great with a curving style. Layers cut at chin or jawbone height have the affect of neatly framing the square face, taking attention away from the chin. With this kind of facial type stiffly angular styles tend not to work well and should be avoided.

5. Round face (defined as a full face with a small chin, wide cheeks and small cheekbones): elongate a round face with longer hair that extends to below your chin. To add volume and height, get layers on top - layers around the cheeks will narrow your face. With this face type, stay away from bangs and chin-length dos.

6. Heart-shaped face (wide forehead that slopes down to a small chin): Shoulder-length hair, with layers from the chin down, works well with this face. To create a fuller bottom, curl or flip out the layers to balance out the small chin. Or try a chin-length bob for the same effect. Stay away from styles that are too full at the top and wispy on the bottom.

More hints

1. Don't neglect hair texture when thinking through styles. If your hair is thinnish, then long haircuts can lead to a flat look (and they'll be hard work to look after). Instead help your fine hair by giving body and keeping it short. If you have wavy natural hair then think about going with quite sculptural layers. Naturally thick hair is great for layers and they tend to add some texture to the hair.

2. Virtual styling programs are available, so take this as a chance to have a close look a some unexpected hairstyles on your virtual head.

The big days

For special occasions there are many different hairstyles from which to choose, so it's a good time to try something new. Whether it's the prom or a wedding, the following tips should help you make that final decision:

- Sift through the glossy mags for hairstyles that you fancy giving a try

- When you're trying out those styles, don't forget to wear the very dress that you'll also be sporting on that special day

- Sweeping your hair looks amazing with a strapless dress, while gel and hair spray offer a more sophisticated appearance

- A special twist can come from hair glitter

- Get your style sorted at least one week before the special occasion!

by Sally Delfito

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