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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Are Gay Smokers At Huge Risk of Dying From Lung Cancer

Are Gay Smokers at Huge Risk of Dying from Lung Cancer? Well not if the City of Los Angeles has anything to say about the issue. The City of Los Angles, California in the United States of America has started a new program, which will cost about $30,000.00 taxpayer dollars called “The Last Drag” which targets homosexual gay and lesbian smokers. A recent study by the gay and lesbian community revealed a huge finding that homosexuals are twice as likely to smoke than heterosexuals.

No one knows why, but many believe it has to do with societal stress in our civilization and is because so many homophobic, rude and nasty people give them a hard time. It is for this reason that Los Angeles Country Health Officials have a new anti-program for gays and lesbians regarding this smoking issue.

Like Washington D.C., Palm Springs, various enclaves in Massachusetts the gay men and women have a bar scene culture, which allows them to come out of the closet by going to these drinking establishments, where a lot of smoking takes place, it is legal to smoke there. The director of the Gay and Lesbian Center in Los Angeles indicated that this needed to change. Similar programs are also going on in San Francisco in the Gay and Lesbian areas and they have been successful there. The recent study shows that over 30% of homosexuals have the dirty habit, of smoking, yet only 15% of heterosexuals smoked in California. Maybe this will help save lives in Los Angeles? Think on it.

by Lance Winslow


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