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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fatty foods may curb 'stop eating' hormone

Research has revealed a potentially insidious side of chips, dips, fries, pies, cakes and shakes.
Those fatty, forbidden foods we love may suppress our "stop eating" hormone, creating a dietary double whammy. The more we gobble, the more we can't stop gobbling.
That is the idea, anyway, behind a study released yesterday by the Neuroscience Institute at Pennsylvania State University involving a bunch of fat-snacking rats who just did not know when to say when -- and their more moderate counterparts.
Over 20 luxurious days, one group of the rats in question received a high-calorie, high-fat "rat chow" snack that the rodents found particularly delectable, the study noted. The other group led a more spartan existence, dining upon low-fat rat cuisine.
"When we gave the rats doses of 'stop eating' hormone, the rats on the low-fat diet significantly suppressed their intake of the snack, but not the rats on the high-fat diet," said nutritional scientist Mihai Covasa, who led the study. "These results suggests that a long-term, high-fat diet may actually promote short-term overconsumption of highly palatable foods, high in dietary fat."

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