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Friday, July 08, 2005

Why do Japanese live so long?

Studies have shown that Japanese men and women have the longest life expectancy than any other race in the world. We now know why!

Have you ever heard the expression “You are what you eat.”? It turns out there is more truth to this statement than was once thought. The reason for the people of Japans long life is exactly that, their diet.

There are three staples of the Japanese diet which can be linked to their long healthy lives.

1.Fish – Seafood is a well known staple of the Japanese diet. It is also a well known fact that seafood is very healthy. The average Japanese diet includes at least one piece of seafood every day. Seafood is naturally low in fat and cholesterol, high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. It is arguably one of the healthiest meats available today.

2.Rice – The most well known food in Japan has to be rice. It is eaten every day often multiple times a day in Japan. Whether by itself as a meal or in a multitude of other dishes, rice is the foundation of Japanese food. Rice itself is low in fat, a great source of energy, filling, and nutritious. Japan has perfected rice growing and cooking. I have never met a Japanese person who did not own a rice cooker. In Japan there have even been developed vitamin infused rice, or hybrid rice’s. These provide even more nutrition than normal white rice.

3.Green tea – The beverage of tea has existed in Japan for a very long time. Japanese green tea, similar to rice and fish, is consumed every day by most Japanese. It is often consumed with most meals, given as gifts, and used in the most important of ceremonies. Green tea is high in vitamins such as C and E, high in dietary fiber, it helps lower cholesterol, and raises your metabolism. Green tea is perhaps the most convenient and least expensive way to live a longer healthier life.

So let us learn from the Japanese. With these three secrets you to could live a longer healthier life.

by Eric Newman


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