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Friday, June 24, 2005

Mineral Cosmetics

Skin that is flawless and youthful looking is what most women desire. Unfortunately, these desires are often thwarted by the lure of advertisements for traditional cosmetics that are widespread. Mineral cosmetics offer benefits, but their acceptance is not overwhelming. Reason being, people associate mineral cosmetics with something that is substandard. In the case of cosmetics, it is the general thought that an individual doesn’t obtain the coverage and “look” that they want. In this article we will take a look at mineral cosmetics and what they have to offer.

Mineral and natural cosmetics are often considered synonymous. Although there are similarities between the two, they actually refer to two different types of products for the skin. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a product that is "natural" contains ingredients that are derived from plants or animals. It also has determined that any products that contain stabilizers (additives) of color that are derivatives of earth are considered mineral cosmetics. An example of an ingredient that is added to mineral cosmetics is titanium oxide. This additive is generally added to face powders to create the various shades of color.

One of the great benefits of mineral cosmetics is that they are resistant to water. Unlike traditional cosmetics that “cake” and “run” in water, mineral cosmetics cling to your skin, maintaining the flawless skin tone you want to display. Another benefit of using mineral cosmetics is that you protect your body from harmful chemicals. When you use mineral cosmetics you use those elements that are natural to your body and that create a natural look. Traditional cosmetics contain chemicals that are not natural to your body and that may clog your pores and cause blemishes, or worse, result in you developing cancer. The fewer chemicals that you introduce to your body, the more you reduce your risk of cancer.

Another benefit associated with using mineral cosmetics is that you actually help your skin to remain healthy. The natural ingredients in mineral cosmetics have a healing effect that can help to improve skin conditions such as skin damage and acne. Dermatologists generally forbid an individual suffering from these skin conditions to wear traditional cosmetics because they can make the conditions worse. Mineral cosmetics also provide the skin with natural moisture. If you have very dry skin you still may want to use a moisturizer.
The two downsides of mineral cosmetics are cost and availability. The process to obtain and add the necessary ingredients to mineral cosmetics is costly. The Internet does provide some release in the sense that the companies that advertise there don’t have to worry about overhead so that they can charge better prices. Your best bet of locating these products is to find a health food store. These stores generally carry a variety of mineral cosmetics and have knowledgeable staff available to assist you if you should have any questions. If you don’t live near a health food store, you can perform a search online for companies that sell mineral cosmetics and request a catalog.

by Laura Smith


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