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Monday, June 20, 2005

Bacteria for Your Health

Have you ever heard that some bacteria can bring benefit to your health? Yes, you may find these 'good bacteria' in yogurt or supplement. As quoted from CBC Marketplace, specific types of live bacteria, which called probiotics can fight disease when we take it in right amount. This 'right amount' according to scientists should be between one million and one billion live bacteria fighters.

Specific types of live bacteria - called probiotics - live in the human gut. If you take them in the right amount for and for the right illness, they can fight disease. Probiotics can relieve lactose intolerance, prevent allergies and bladder and vaginal infections. That’s why Dr. Gregor Reid, a professor of microbiology at the University of Western Ontario, is fighting hard to promote them.

But please be careful if you indeed need these live bacteria to fight disease, because most of manufacturers are just claiming the wrong quantity of live bacteria on product label than the real quantity in the product itself.

Come and learn the proof from CBC Marketplace: Testing Bacteria Levels


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