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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hair Fall - A Common Thing In Everyone's Life

Hair, a sign of beauty and care has always been very important in everyone's life. Be it male or a female it needs to be taken care very diligently. To avoid hair fall there are different remedies which can be used and some very age-old concoction of herbs which would be very beneficial for everyone.

Men tend to loose more hair with comparison to women due to the presence of estrogen and other factors. It is very important that your hair has been take care with all the effort of applying hair oil for a superfluous hair.

Some of the other reasons for having hair fall are due to the non-existence of nutrition in your food. Even applying oil to your hair is form of nutrition and has to be done on daily basis and if not, at least thrice a week as you wash your hair.

Over exposure to sun on your hair is not good. One should wear caps or any other protective cloth to avoid that. Tension of work, home and other mentally challenging problems are also cause of major hair fall. The affect of some of the strong and attacking diseases like pneumonia can also lead to loss of hair.

Having experiments done on your hair can cause hair fall like perming which can cause lot of hair loss due to the twisting and turning of your hair. Ironing can also cause lot of problems like changing ones hair structure and also causing lot of hair fall which is very disastrous. Coloring your hair has also been one of the major problems in causing your hair loss.

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