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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Today's Top Tips For Buying A Treadmill

Before you even begin to consider which treadmill is ideal, you should take a good look at yourself. Tips for buying a treadmill usually focus on the capabilities, features, type of use, and, of course, the cost of a treadmill, but all of that depends on you.

Research is tremendously important, and recommendations like a Consumer Reports treadmill Best Buy are helpful, but knowing your own capabilities, the type of workouts and fitness goals that suit you, and your own budget is essential. But a Best Buy is not necessarily a best buy for everyone.

Goal-Oriented Or Humble Ambitions?--Doesn't Matter

Those designations mean that Consumer Reports and other reviewers find certain treadmills in each price class successfully combine quality and features at the best price. It doesn't mean they're necessarily the best buy for you. Your rule, among the best tips you can give yourself, is to buy the best quality treadmill you'll use. . . and use and use.

Here's one of the most common tips for buying treadmills: if you're a runner, don't look at anything under about $1200. You need a stable machine with a durable, highly-cushioned deck, and a running surface long enough and wide enough to accommodate your stride.

When buying a treadmill, look for a motor to be sufficiently powerful to handle higher speeds, speed changes, heavier weights and pounding forces. And you'll likely want or need the more complex programming found in better treadmills that disciplines and varies your workouts.

If you're buying a treadmill that will be used by several users, look for a club-grade machine or remanufactured treadmills which are mostly former club models. Many have cooled motors for more continuous use.

More tips for buying treadmills can be found at Consumer Reports, Runners' World,, and other online sites.

by Jon Butt


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