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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Different therapies can work for alcoholism

The research team with the UK Alcohol Treatment Trial (UKATT) compared two approaches to helping people with alcoholism, and found that they were equally beneficial and cost-effective.

Specifically, the study looked at "social behavior and network therapy" and the more established "motivational enhancement therapy."

"Motivational enhancement is an alcohol-focused treatment that works on people's motivation to change their behavior, which is a quite well-known and well-researched intervention," Dr. Christine Godfrey of the University of York told Reuters Health.

"Social behavior and network therapy is more person-centered," she explained, which helps provide patients with better social environments and alternative activities. "It gets them to think about who they associate with, and how their network can help them in changing their behavior."

Social behavior and network therapy involves eight 50-minute sessions, while motivational enhancement involves three sessions.

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